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Canal 13 (commonly shortened as el 13) is a Chilean free-to-air television channel, the second oldest of the country, first broadcasting in channel 2 until 1961, when it moved to the channel 13. It was created and fully owned by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) until 2010, when Grupo Luksic (through Inversiones TV Medios Ltda.) acquired 67% of the property, and then in 2017 bought the remaining from UC.


Canal 13 2006.jpg
Designer:  Steinbranding
Typography:  Gill Sans MT


YouTube Logos InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING
Designer:  Dittborn y Unzueta
Typography:  Custom ("13")
ITC Avant Garde ("UC")

On January 10, 2010, the corporate change of the channel and its associated media was made, consisting of a circle cut by a rounded and thick arch, where the number 13 in Custom typography is highlighted, while below Acronym UC in Avant Garde Bold typography in smaller letters. This logo was designed by Chilean agency Dittborn & Unzueta, and it was used until October 31, 2010.


Canal 13 2010 2.jpg
Designer:  Dittborn y Unzueta
Typography:  Custom

After the purchase of 67% of the shares of the channel to Andrónico Luksic (Today 100%), the acronym UC was scrapped in November 1, 2010. [1] [2]


Canal 13 2018.png
Designer:  Feels
Typography:  Unknown

In use since March 23, 2018. This is the new logo and the first ever after the UC's era. The main elements of the previous logo (the 13, now in a different type, and the arc) now are orange, and the circle was removed. This logo was designed by Chilean agency Feels.[3] New graphics and slogan arrived in March 2020, alongside the expansion of the channel.

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  3. Vimeo - Canal 13 / Branding 2018, by Feels.

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