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2006–2009 2007–2009 (secondary), 2009–2012 2012–2015 2015–2017 2017–2018, 2018–present (secondary) 2018–2019 2019-present
2006–2009 2007–2009 (secondary), 2009–2012 2012–2015 2015–2017 2017–2018, 2018–present (secondary) 2018–2019 2019-present

2006–2017[edit | edit source]

2006–2009[edit | edit source]

YouTube Logos InfoWhite.svg LOGO MISSING

Roblox was officially launched in 2006, launching with this logo. Even after the end of its usage, this logo was still used on shirts made by the user ROBLOX, on the outfits of guest accounts until 2016, on the site banner until 2009, and was on the PayPal Builders' Club website.

2007–2009 (secondary), 2009–2012[edit | edit source]

Roblox logo.jpg

The logo's color and design were slightly modified in 2007. Until 2009, it was a secondary logo used for merchandising and appeared as the welcome decal in the 2008 "Happy Home in Robloxia" map.

2012–2015[edit | edit source]

Roblox 2012.png

In 2010, the logo was modified again, this time sporting a new three-dimensional look. This logo was used on events and games from 2012 to 2015 and was used on sister websites until 2017.

2015–2017[edit | edit source]

ROBLOX 2015.jpg

Roblox introduced this logo on their Twitter account on November 2, 2015. Before the day ended, they added this logo to the home page. This time taking on a flatter design similar to the 2006 and 2007 logos. This logo (along with the three previous logos) is still used for select Roblox items, avatars, experiences, and nostalgic appeal.

2017–present[edit | edit source]

2017–2018, 2018–present (secondary)[edit | edit source]

Roblox 2017.jpg

On January 10, 2017, for the first time in 11 years, Roblox unveiled a completely new logo, set partially in the Gill Sans Ultra Bold typeface. Roblox still uses this logo infrequently, and it's commonly used by the Roblox Community to this day.

2018–present[edit | edit source]

2018-2019[edit | edit source]

Roblox 2018.jpg

In 2018, Roblox updated their logo to be monochrome.

2019–present[edit | edit source]

Roblox 2019.png

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Please Note[edit | edit source]

The GoBlocks logo initially on this page was a fake and was made by someone in the old ROBLOX community. It is unknown how this logo was spread around.