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2006-2013 2013–2016 2016–present
2006-2013 2013–2016 2016–present

Sveriges Television (Swedish Television), abbreviated as SVT, is the public TV broadcaster of Sweden. It was formed in 1980 after splitting from Sveriges Radio, which was responsible for both radio and TV until then.



SVT logo 2006.jpg

One disadvantage of the new logo proved to be that the company name was too small and was not clearly visible at a distance. An altered logo was developed by Forsman & Bodenfors and was implemented gradually, starting in early 2006.


SVT 2013.jpg


SVT 2016.png

As part of the 60th jubilee celebration, a new visual design was introduced on November 25, 2016. The new logo contains only letters with no symbols or background, much like SVT’s Norwegian counterpart NRK, though the latter’s logo dates back to 1970. All TV channels introduced new logos once more, in addition to the video-on-demand service SVT Play.