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Page structure[edit]


Sections are topped with a heading (use == == around the heading in source editor) showing the years when the logo was introduced and, in some cases, discontinued. If we can confirm that a logo was introduced in 1982 and replaced in 1997, the headline will read "1982–1997" (an en dash (–) is much preferred compared to a hyphen). If a logo is still in use, the headline will read "1982–present".

If you can't confirm these dates, you should replace unsure dates with question marks. For example, if you know that a logo was introduced sometime between the 1960s and 1980s, and was replaced sometime between 1995 and 1999, the headline can read "19??–199?".

If the page has had more than one name in its history and has changed its logo to reflect that, you should put the name used in the specified era as a heading and then the dates below in Sub-heading 1 (use === === around the heading in source editor).


Below the headline telling us when the logo was used, the company/brand/product should have its primary logo from the specified era (alternative logos may go in a subpage with the primary logos template at the top of the main page). The logo should be centered and generally at between 200 and 300 pixels wide, depending on the proportions of the logo. You can do this in source editor where correct code should look something like this: [[File:filename.png|300px|center]].

Make sure the logo is of high quality. Low quality images should only be used when a high quality version is not available. The filetype hierachy goes something like this with SVG being the best, then PNG, JPG, and finally GIFs being generally the least preferred.

Be cautious with logo recreations! Recreations are only acceptable if they are carefully recreated from high-resolution originals.


The next part of the section is a text which describes the brand's development during the era. It should be placed underneath the logo.

Examples of basic information that should be included if available, including specific dates for the introduction and the designer(s) behind the logo.

This section may also include other aspects of brand communication, such as advertising, liveries for vehicles, merchandising, packaging etcetera.


Links to pages that provide further information about the logos and branding are usually placed straight after the relevant text.

If you have a link that can't be put in a particular era, it should be placed at the bottom. However, try not to make to many exteranl links about the same topic.


YouTube Logos uses templates so pages are easier to navigate and flow nicely. Common examples include:

  • ImageTOCs - gives a brief logo history at the top of the page (only pages with 3 or more logos may use the template).
  • Navboxes - placed at the bottom of the page and shows a company's assetts.
  • Primary Logos - placed at the top of the page (above the ImageTOC if one is there) and automatically shows a pages subpages which may include alternate logos etc.
  • Chronology - Shows predessesors and/or successors of a company at the bottom of the page, just above the Navbox.

Factual accuracy[edit]

Accurate and properly sourced information is important if the wiki is to remain credible and of high quality. Therefore you should try to provide sources for your claims as often as you possibly can.

Make sure you are prudent about the information you post, and take necessary precautions to avoid the posting of inaccurate information.

False information should be removed on sight.

Grammar and spelling[edit]

Grammar and spelling is also important so YouTube Logos can remain ledgible. Also, this is an English wiki and all pages must be written in English.


All pages created on YouTube Logos must follow the notability guidelines. Please be sure to read through this before creating pages, and ensure that the subject of your page follows these guidelines.